Coaching Liderazgo

Coaching Liderazgo

Healthy Living

When you feel like your health is endangered by your eating habits, and you’ve just really truly had enough of all the health problems that it brings, going vegan and cleansing your body from all harmful kinds of foods is the obvious step.

Here we will help you make healthy dietary choices, and we’ll teach you how to both maintain those in a long term, for your overall health’s sake and how to at the same time truly enjoy it!

Here's how it works:

Pick the type of a fitness workout or a specific type of yoga
Choose either your class will be an individual or a group one
Choose a retreat location and the retreat's duration for your tour

Enjoy leading a healthy lifestyle!

Read What People I've Helped Say:

“En este taller aprendí mucho acerca de las energías masculina y femenina que cada uno de nosotros tiene y que bien equilibradas puede ser muy provechoso para nuestras vidas, en cambio cuando no tenemos esa…

Carlos Arturo Ponce Bogotá

“Una super experiencia!!! Muchos aprendizajes y energía llena de luz”

Lorna Karina Serna Bogotá

“Muchas gracias Lina. Este taller me ayudó a adquirir herramientas para balancear mi lado femenino y el masculino y así mejorar mis relaciones interpersonales”

Sandra Aldana Bogotá